white tulips with violet flowers
Credit: Tie the Knot in Santorini

There are a variety of bouquet shapes to choose for a wedding. Most people planning to wed do not know these varieties. So when you are shopping for wedding bouquets, ensure you write down everything when meeting a florist. Put into consideration your favorite shape, species of flowers you love to include in your bouquet and your wedding’s color theme. This is crucial information to every florist because they always want your bouquet of flowers to seamlessly match with the other decorations. An experienced florist should ask you many questions so that they can formulate bouquets of flowers you will love. Here are some lovely bouquets of flowers to consider using on your wedding day.

1: Tulip – pink flowers;Freesia – white flowers and green buds;Salal Leaves – leaves at the bottom of the bouquet;
2: Tulips – white flowers;Levender – blue, oblong flowers;

colorful bouquet with tulips
Credit: Pepper Nix photography
white tulips with violet flowers
Credit: Tie the Knot in Santorini

3: Roses – red flowers;Asiatic Lily – white, large flowers;Pearls + decorations;
4: Field flowers; Daisy – white flowers with yellow centers; Sage – violet oblong flowers;

white red bouquet
Credit: TAIT Photography
field flowers bouquet
Credit: Paula O’Hara

5: Daisy – white flowers with yellow means; Cornflowers – blue flowers; Lavender – blue protruding flowers on the back of the bouquet;
6: Roses – pink and white flowers; Baby Breath – fine white flowers:

amazing field white blue bouquet
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posy bouquet
Credit: Sarah Rominger photography

7: Peony – large white flowers; Lisianthus – white flowers; Ruscus leaves – leaves; Dusty miller flat – silvery leaves;
8: Apple – apple fruit; Roses – light green flowers; Dhalia – big white flower; Lisianthus – white flower with a yellow center; Mini Calla Lily – cup-white flower;

big bride bouquet
pretty bouquet with apple
Credit: Snapshots photography

9: Hydrangea – green flowers; Mini Calla Lily – orange flower buds; Peony – large coral flowers with yellow center;
10: Roses – pink flowers; Anemone – violet flowers with darker center; Freesia – light purple flowers;

round colorful bouquet
Credit: Jessica Bossé photography
amazing dark colors bouquet
Credit: Lisawola

11: Sunflower – large yellow flowers with black center Dhalia – cherry and orange flowers;
12: Dhalia – cherry blossoms; Mini Calla Lily – violet flower buds;

round summer flowers bouquet
Credit: lindsay docherty photography
interesting flowers
Credit: Katy Gray photography