barrels on top flowers
Credit: Jasmine Star Photography

The glamor of a wedding is what differentiates between a simple and a statement wedding. Depending on your budget, you can make your wedding trend on the grapevine. When preparing for your wedding, you should be attending as many weddings and possible while researching widely from friends and experts. After researching extensively on this, you will be able to excite your guests that day and make your wedding memorable. You can spend less and get fabulous results on decorations for this day. Here, are some photos to offer you more insight on wedding decoration.

#1. A lovely photo-shooting site with a Cabro-pavement and two white wooden doors
#2. A lovely tabletop placed on two wine-fermenting drums outside a dark brown wooden house. It has wine jars and flowers on top.

wedding door decoration
Credit: Caroline Joy photography
rustic decor
Credit: Katie Snyder Photography

#3. A white, four-course wedding cake decorated with green leaves around it. It is placed on white flowers and green leaves.
#4. A lovely set wedding reception hall laid with white table clothes, cutlery, and green tree branches

wedding cake decoration greens leaves
Credit: Maxit Flower Design
pretty decorated table
Credit: Sylvie Gil photography

#5. Two wine-fermenting drums with bouquets of flowers on their tops
#6. An entrance to a white wedding reception hall fitted with white curtains

barrels on top flowers
Credit: Jasmine Star Photography
Credit: Lacie Hansen

#7. A photo-shooting stand fitted with green and white flowers overlooking a dam
#8. A floor decorated on the sides with glass boxes holding burning candles

altar outdoor
Credit: Deborah Zoe photography
church walkway decorated romantic lantern
Credit: Caroline Jurgensen

#9. A green carpet with pink and purple flowers arranged to for a letter
#10. A couple taking wedding vows on a beach in front of a photo-shooting stand decorated with flowers and white sheets of clothes

Credit: Sarah Kate
wedding on the beach
Credit: Elizabeth Messina

#11. Sunflowers placed in blue glasses
#12. A green wooden door fixed in a wall and decorated with hanging bottles and frames containing writings. At the bottom are green leaves.

sunflowers decoration in jar
Credit: Allison Maxwell Photography
Credit: Lightening photography