beautiful pendant with a flower
Credit: Birgit Hart

Before the guests see you at the top of the aisle, they will get the first impression of your wedding according to the ceremony space and glamor. Is it flowery, bright, bountiful, pristine, and serene or loft? When you are planning the decorations for your space, you will make your grand debut. Hence, consider the mood of your wedding entirely and let that determine its design. Here are several varied wedding venues which are gorgeous and can inspire you.

#1. A bouquet of purple and cream flowers wrapped in a brown sisal fabric hanged on a black hooked rod
#2. A black metal frame with pink, white and cream flowers, grey fruits and green leaves inside it

beautiful pendant with a flower
Credit: Birgit Hart
Credit: Niki Mills photography

#3. A wedding pho-shooting stand decorated with white, purple, pink and green flowers and a white cake put on a beautiful white stand.
#4. Grey wedding reception table laid with wine glasses, cutlery, grey candle frames and tall jars carrying bouquets of white and green flowers

flowers decoration
Credit: Katelyn James
lanterns with candles as decoration on table
Credit: Stephanie Hogue photography

#5. A church alter laid with brown candle holders and a bouquet of green flowers
#6. A glass jar holding a bouquet of white, green flowers and sunflowers put on top of a table

bride and groom in altar church
Credit: Anna and Spencer Photography
pretty sunflower decor in jar
Credit: lindsayjanestudios

#7. A wedding reception hall laid with white seats, white flowers hanging on the roof and white light
#8. A gigantic tree wrapped with strings holding pictures and a string of white lights

amazing decor wedding hall
Credit: Andrew Bayda Photographer
photos on the tree
Credit: Devon Donahoo Photography

#9. A wedding reception tent set on a seashore. It is laid with dark brown seats and tables, bouquets of white and green flowers, burning candles in glass jars, frames with candles hanging on the roof
#10. A photo-shooting stage set on a seashore. It is laid with dark brown carpet, bouquets of white flowers, a brown table, and tall glass jars

wedding reception by the water
Credit: Stephen Karlisch Photography
outdoor altar on the sea
Credit: Chris+Lynn Photography