brown suit
Credit: Noi Tran photography

It is normally not a challenge to choose a wedding suit color since it is expected to rhyme with the white or cream wedding dress. Hence, wedding suits are automatically black, grey or blue. The challenge a variation comes in the suit design and material texture. When your partner to be is shopping for a bridal gown, you should also be shopping for your wedding suit to match it. Hence, you should consult one another when ordering this stuff. A specialist will help you in this endeavor. However, we have sampled various wedding suits designs that might inspire you.

#1. Navy blue wedding suit matched with a blue shirt, grey tie and a pink and green boutonniere
#2. A grey wedding suit matched with a white shirt, navy blue tie and pink and green boutonniere

wedding suit
Credit: Curly Tree Photography
grey suit
Credit: Bryce Covey Photography

#3. White suit with a green and white boutonnière matched with a white shirt
#4. A black wedding suit matched with a grey shirt, black and white tie and green and white boutonniere

white suit
black suit with gray shirt

#5. A checked black and white blazer, a grey shirt, a black sweater and a checked black, a white boutonniere and white bowtie
#6. A black blazer, black, white and red scarf, white shirt, red tie and a green and white boutonniere

brown suit
Credit: Noi Tran photography
Credit: McGowan Images

#7. A grey two-piece blazer, white shirt, navy blue tie and a red and green boutonniere
#8. Cream suits, white shirts and white and purple boutonnieres

Credit: Chantal Lachance-Gibson
Credit: Jannette De Llanos photography

#9. A grey sleeveless suit and white shirt
#10. A white shirt, blue trousers, brown hat and a red and blue checked bowties

Credit: Chudleigh Weddings
Credit: Whimsey photography

#11. A grey blazer, white shirt, blue shirt and a pink, red and green boutonniere
#12. Blue shirt cream suspenders, dark brown shoes, and brown trousers

Credit: Banjan Wed
Credit: Sharon Nicole photography