nicely decorate the chair with flowers
Credit: Stephen Karlisch Photography

Decorating a venue for such an important day like a wedding is not a task to be done by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. It is a complicated assignment that should be done by a professional as you handle other matters as the bride or bridegroom. You can focus on your meetings with the pastor and the in-laws among other things. Professional florists have extensive experience in this field and know where to get all the required materials easily and cheaply. All you need is to brief them accordingly on what to expect. Below are some decorated wedding venues where you can draw inspiration.

#1. Round wedding reception tables laid with cream clothe, cutlery, cards and green flowers surrounding burning candles
#2. A wedding reception table laid with dark brown clothing decorated with green and white flowers and burning candles in front of it

wedding table
Credit: Christopher Duggan
Credit: Jamie Rae Photography

#3. A wedding dining table laid with cards, cutlery a light brown stand
#4. A wedding reception table laid with brown candle stands and tall wine glasses

amazing wedding decor on table
Credit: KT Merry Photography
Credit: Amy Nicole Photography

#5. A white table carrying cocoa jars and flowery decorations
#6. Large glass jars with burning candles inside and green flowers

Credit: Jennifer Carroll
candles in jar
Credit: Tana photography

#7. A grey carpet laid in a church with green flowers and white-cloth decorations on the sides of all seats
#8. A glass signboard inside a hall with glass jars carrying flowers

Credit: decorations by Jelena
board for guest wedding
Credit: Jana Williams Photography

#9. Glass boxes with burning candles inside and white and green lower around them
#10. Glass carrying burning candles and a glass jar carrying flowers

lantern with candles
Credit: KingenSmith
Credit: black bird photography

#11. Wine glasses put amidst green flowers on a long dining table
#12. Tall glass jars carrying white and pink flowers

pretty wedding reception decor
Credit: The Edges Wedding Photography
Credit: Catherine Mead

#13. Massive green flowers and burning candles and cutlery on a table
#14. Glass jar with straws inside and glasses with burning candles in front of a small signboard

Credit: Krista Fox photography
Credit: Ashleigh Jayne

#15. A hall decorated with white seats, white carpet, and white flowers
#16. A photo-shooting stand laid with white cloth put on short logs

decorated walkway
Credit: Blue Rose photography
altar outdoor
Credit: Brinton Studios