table decoration with pineapple
Credit: Hannah McClune Photography

With the development in technology and other sectors, wedding decoration has gone a notch higher. The modern wedding decoration is quite different from the one that was practiced like two decades ago. To achieve outstanding results, it is advisable that you engage professionals who specialize in wedding decorations. On top of having expansive experience in decorating different environments, they know where to get the best materials at affordable prices. After all, you may not find the time or helping hands to do the decoration for free. Below are pictures of fabulously decorated wedding reception and photo-shooting arenas that may motivate you.

#1. A beautiful glass container holding green and grey leaves and white flowers with another one holding a burning candle
#2. A beautiful white wall decorated with green branches and white, pink and red flowers set for photo-shooting

Credit: Spectrum photography
bride and groom kissing beside altar
Credit: Katie Harmsworth Photography

#3. An outside wedding stage set with a pink carpet between forms and a decorated entrance
#4. A metal stand decorated with white, green and purple flowers meant for photo-shooting

outdoor altar on lake
Credit: Virgil Bunao Photography
outdoor altar
Credit: Sonya Khegay

#5. A beautiful brown flower holder carrying white and orange flowers
#6. A wedding reception table laid with blue clothing, cutlery, wine bottles and flowers on it and others suspended above it

lantern with flowers
Credit: Snap! photography
flowers hanging under table
Credit: Katelyn James

#7. A cubical photo-shooting stand decorated with blue and grey flowers and a white chair and a table inside it
#8. A spectacular wedding reception table laid with wine glasses and tall flower holders carrying white flowers

altar on the beach
Credit: Peggy Picot – Maison Pestea
wedding reception table decor
Credit: White Lilac Inc.

#9. A brown wooden double-door mounted in an open field decorated with green and white flowers
#10. A wedding hall laid with a white carpet and purple flowers suspended on the roof

creative altar outdoor
Credit: Jacqueline Campbell
Credit: Craven Images

#11. A wedding reception table carrying pineapples, mangoes and red and green flowers and a brown table mat
#12. A wedding hall set with brown seats and bouquet of red, green and white flowers laid on the floor. There is also a short piece of log with a glass carrying flowers on it

table decoration with pineapple
Credit: Hannah McClune Photography
walkway decorated trunks and flowers
Credit: Mason & Megan photography