orange three flowers in jar as decor
Credit: Cory Parris Photography

A wedding is a very special day to the couple tying the notch, their family members as well as their friends. Therefore, the occasion venue should match the importance of the day. It may probably be the only day when you will be hosting such a massive crowd of family members and friends for a joyous moment. To decorate the reception areas exceptionally, you need to seek the services of professional florists or event organizers. Below, we have sampled several samples of decorations and decorated venues which you can offer you ideas for decorating your wedding venues.

#1. Three plastic flower containers holding white, red and green flowers. Two containers are blue, and one is red
#2. A church laid with a brown carpet with names of the wedding couple. It has white and blue flowers along its edges

Credit: Rustic Glam Designs via Etsy
walkway decor petals of flowers
Credit: Disney Fine Art Photography

#3. A big glass signboard with names of the wedding couple. It is decorated with red and green flower
#4. A wedding reception table decorated with white and green flowers laid with glass candle holders carrying burning candles inside

mirror decorated flowers
Credit: Purple Tree Photography
indoor altar decor hight lantern romantis
Credit: mq photography

#5. Two wine-fermenting containers holding a table top with a wedding cake. It also has hanging lights on its top.
#6. A wedding reception hall decorated with purple lights and multicolored

rustic decor outdoor
Credit: Ayano Tachihara
purple flowers decoration for wedding reception
Credit: Brett Matthews Photography

#7. A glass flower container carrying yellow and red flowers
#8. A wedding reception hall decorated with green leafy flowers

orange three flowers in jar as decor
Credit: Cory Parris Photography
Credit: Lauren Kinsey

#9. A glass candle holder put together with bouquets of red and green flowers
#10. A wedding reception table with glass wines on it and green and white flowers on it and others hanging on the roof

pink flowers decor for wedding day
Credit: Steve Steinhardt
many white flowers hanging above wedding table
Credit: Vorsprung studio

#11. A photo-shooting stand in a field decorated with green, white and red flowers
#12. Wedding reception tables laid with white clothes and white bouquets of flowers

altar outdoor make from door
Credit: Kristyn Hogan
wedding reception decor table on outdoor
Credit: Kasper Creations photography

#13. Wedding reception tables with wine glasses and tall glass flower jars holding white, blue, purple, white and green flowers
#14. A wedding hall laid with white sheets of clothes all around its walls

round boquet with purple and white flower decor table
Credit: Jen Osulliva
amazing romantic white hal where will be wedding ceremony
Credit: Bob & Dawn Davis photography