Different people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to cake colors and ingredients. A cake design or color that impressed your sister may not impress you. Due to that, almost all cakes are custom baked according to the customer’s personal preferences. To achieve the top result, you, therefore, have to work closely with your baker. Make them understand exactly how you like it so that they may produce a cake that you will love. The following are various wedding cake designs that you can ask your baker to apply when baking your cake.

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#1. A modest four-course wedding cake. The round cake is designed to portray as if it is partly eaten to reveal the pink interior
#2. A brown and white three-course cake decorated with pink, white and grey flowers

white cake
Credit: Izzy Hudgins Photography
yummy wedding cake
Credit: Crystal Stokes photography

#3. A modest two-course cake put on s glass stand. The round cake is white and has black, white and green flowers and a brown ribbon
#4. A white three-course cake decorated with blue and yellow ribbons and sunflowers

two tiers cake
Credit: Castle Manor
three tiers cake with sunflowers and blue ribbon
Credit: Tara Welch Photography

#5. A white two-course wedding cake put on a glass stand. It is also decorated with purple, white and green flowers
#6. A wonderfully designed cream cake decorated with red, pink, purple and blue flowers

cake has pattern birch tree
Credit: tenthandgrace
many flowers to decor on cake
Credit: Rosalind Miller Cakes

#7. A grey cake placed on an enamel stand decorated with pink, white and green flowers
#8. A wonderfully designed cream cake. It has a wedding gown design complete with buttons and other decorations

gray cake and white icing
Credit: Cordyscakes via Instagram
cake has shape sweetheart dress
Credit: Pink Cake Box

#9. A mono-colored four-course cake decorated with a white flower with glasses with burning candles around it
#10. A three-course white cake decorated with blue decorations and a pink flamingo painting

silver five tiers
Credit: Crown photography
white cake with blue pattern
Credit: Erica OBrien

#11. A white two-course cake decorated white flowers on top
#12. A brown four-course cake with massive strawberry decorations

simple cake
Credit: Dulce Desserts
amazing cake for wedding ceremony many fruits
Credit: Anna Hardy photography

#13. A white three-course wedding cake decorated with pink, green, black and white flowers
#14. A white four-course cake decorated with pink, green, black and white flowers

white cake with delicate decor
Credit: Lindsey Gage
cake decor two butterflies
Credit: Sweet As Sugar

#15. A multi-colored, multi-coursed cake decorated with white flowers
#16. A white three-course cake decorated with pink, green, black and white flowers

big colorful cake
Credit: The Cake Whisperer
trunks cake
Credit: Marianne Taylor Photography