You can wear a new hairstyle on your wedding day to look different. By the way looking different that day is a superb idea since you will acquire a new status that day. Henceforth, you will be someone’s wife. He may have courted you for a while, but you can excite him by looking different and more beautiful. To achieve that, you should research extensively about various wedding hairstyles and choose the most appropriate one for you. You may as well seek opinions from expert hairdressers. Below are some hairstyles you may like.

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#1. A long grey hair with a massive braid set to lay on the back
#2. A long dark brown hairstyle set with white hair clips to make a massive braid that lay on one side down to the bust

long braid
Credit: kirstenzellers via Instagram
long brown hair
Credit: IHMS via Instagram

#3. Long hair black on the head and light brown towards the back. It has a massive braid set to lay like a ponytail
#4. A messy, long, light brown hair set to lay freely around the shoulders. It is also decorated with a shiny hair clip

brown blond hair
Credit: Ulyana Aster via Instagram
bride has amazing blond hair
Credit: Jeremiah & Rachel

#5. A dark brown hair with a messy back folded with a shiny hair clip
#6. A dark brown hair with two big braids set to lay on both sides. It is also decorated with blue, green and white flowers on the forehead

brown hair decor white flowers
Credit: Elstile
a large wreath with blue flowers in hairstyle
Credit: game_of_braids via Instagram

#7. A short light brown hair with curled ends brushed on both sides
#8. A long dark brown hair with highly curled end set to lay behind

bride has pretty hair with updo
Credit: Kate Firsova
brown hair curly
Credit: Ash and Co

#9. A short black hair folded at the back
#10. A long, highly curled hair set to lay back and decorated with white and pink flowers on the forehead

dark hair updo
Credit: Laura Gordon Photography
long brown curly hair with wreath
Credit: Tsvetkova studio

#11. Long light brown hair laid backwards and decorated with a white hair band
#12. Simple long black hair curled towards the end and laid on one shoulder

long brown curly hair pinn on with white flower
Credit: Heather Ferguson
long black curly hair
Credit: Kate Firsova

#13. Long light brown hair laid backwards with several braids and decorated with white flowers
#14. Black highly curled hair folded at the back with a shiny hair band

red hair with flowers
Credit: ulyana.aster via instagram
short hair pinned up
Credit: ElStile Spb