amazing colorful cake for wedding reception
Credit: Erin Kate photography

Just like you order dressmakers to design a custom dress for you, you can do that also with a wedding cake to have a unique one at your wedding. Your wedding cake should match your preferences which include your favorite colors and tastes. All you need to do is to make your baker understand exactly what results you expect from him. However, note that a cake is symbolic and hence its appearance should matter even more than its taste. Here are various cake designs that you can borrow from when designing yours.

#1. A grey five-course cake with pattern decorations on its sides and green shapes forming the word “LOVE.”
#2. A blue two-course cake put on a white enamel stand and decorated with white and green flowers

wedding cake with green love word
Credit: Celladora photography
Credit: nouba_blog via Instagram

#3. A black and white three-course multi-cornered cake. It has images of the wedding couple and white flower decorations
#4. A white and pink cake designed like a wedding gown complete with bust and shoulders

hexagonal cake
Credit: Dorio Bakery
ball gown wedding cake
Credit: Bobbette & Belle Artisanal Pastries

#5. A white four-course cake with flowery side decorations of the same color
#6. A multi-colored cake with varied flowery designs put on enamel stands

white cake
Credit: Cake Opera Co
colorful tiers
Credit: Sugar and Cloth

#7. A multi-colored three-course cake decorated with yellow and green flowers
#8. A dark brown three-course cake decorated with strawberries and white and green flowers

painted meadown on the cake
Credit: Claire Marika photography
biscuit cake with strawberries
Credit: John Shim photography

#9. A black two-course cake with brown stripes and shapes of gazelles on its top and black and red fruits and red flower decorations
#10. A blue three-course cake decorated with shiny rings and white flowers

small cake with blackberries
Credit: Artemis Photography
blue cake white flower as decor
Credit: Claire Marika photography

#11. A cream and white wedding cake put on a sliced log with purple, blue, pink and green flower decorations
#12. A two-course multi-colored cake put on a white plate with multi-colored flower decoration

cheese cake decor flowers
Credit: Katie Byram Photography
amazing colorful cake for wedding reception
Credit: Erin Kate photography

#13. A cream cake with chocolate drip-paintings and green and white flower decoration
#14. A multi-course green and white cake decorated with green flowers

cake with chocolate glaze
Credit: nouba_blog via Instagram
green white big cake
Credit: Jeff Brummett visuals