sunflowers in vases
Credit: Blue Rose Photography

Wedding decorations may come in very many forms. You can have your wedding reception venues highly decorated with modern lights which flicker, rotate or even changes color spectacularly. Some other wedding decorations apply more natural flowers and materials. It all depends on one’s tastes. For you to get spectacular results on that big day, you have to engage your event organizer sufficiently so that he may be able to produce the exact results you need. That will also be determined by your budget for the event. The following are pictures of excellently decorated wedding reception venues that you can borrow from.

#1. A wedding reception table laid with round white flowers, sexy glasses, white tablecloth and shapes making the initials “Mr. and Mrs.”
#2. A table laid with a white cloth glasses with burning candles and green flowers

Credit: ZCreateDesign via Etsy
candles on table for wedding reception
Credit: JoPhoto

#3. Table laid with white clothes, wine glasses and white flowers
#4. Wedding reception table laid with white clothes, glasses with burning candles and green flowers

Credit: Forever Photography
pretty decor table
Credit: Eline Jacobine

#5. A church decorated with white and green flowers ready for the wedding
#6. A brown wedding reception table with glass holding candles and flowers on it

church for wedding ceremony
Credit: Jen Huang
Credit: Ashley Durham Studios

#7. Wine-fermenting drums with cutlery and wedding cake on them
#8. A table with a tall flower holder carrying a bouquet

Credit: Amy Arrington Photography
bouquet and candles on table
Credit: Mike Reed photography

#9. A table with a glass containing sliced oranges and flowers
#10. A photo-shooting stand with white and green flower decoration beside a river

flowers and oranges
Credit: Andi Mans Photography
outdoor altar beside river
Credit: Mark Williams studio

#11. A frame containing green, blue, white and pink flowers
#12. Small white flowers in metallic buckets arranged beside chairs

pretty flowers in candle
Credit: Carly Daniel photography
bucket with white flowers as rustic decor
Credit: Sarah Layne photography

#13. Metallic glass carrying sunflowers arrange on tables beside white chairs
#14. A table with a tall flower holder carrying white and green bouquets

sunflowers in vases
Credit: Blue Rose Photography
round tables with amazing decor for wedding reception
Credit: Landon Jacob

#15. A photo-shooting stand laid with a blue sheet of cloth and purple and green flowers between two trees
#16. White benches arranged in a green field and red flowers poured beside them

outdoor altar created with two trees
Credit: Top Model Floral
white candles with white red petals of flowers
Credit: Charlotte Jenks Lewis