cushions wedding cake
Credit: Elizabeths Cake Emporium

Just like you normally order tailors to design a custom outfit for you, you may also do that to a baker to have a unique wedding cake. Your wedding cake is best matched with your preferences that include your preferred colors as well as tastes. All you should do is to make the baker understand precisely what product you expect. However, you should know that a wedding cake is traditional and symbolic. Hence, its appearance is more important than its taste. Below are various wedding cake designs that you can learn from when designing yours.

#1. A white three-course cake put on top of a metal stand. It is designed to look as if it is partly eaten to reveal its internal part
#2. A white two-course cake with brown stripes and two brown sticks on its top

Credit: Kake by Darci
square white four tiers
Credit: Gracie Pearl Confections

#3. A white three-course cake with pink, white and orange flower decorations
#4. A small blue cake with red and green flower decorations on its top put on a golden-colored metal stand with a white top

wedding cake decor roses and oranges
Credit: Jen’s Cakes
Credit: jojsweets via Instagram

#5. A white three-course cake with white and pink flowery decorations
#6. A white two-course cake with brown, pink and red flowery decorations

pink cake
Credit: AK Cake Design
white cake with red decor
Credit: Marguerite Cakes

#7. A white flowery shaped cake. It is white and decorated with white and pink studs and put in a glass bowl
#8. A lovely pink multi-course wedding cake surrounded by burning candles. It’s courses have a pillow design

Credit: Chocomoo via Facebook
cushions wedding cake
Credit: Elizabeths Cake Emporium

#9. An elegant white three-course cake decorated with fruits and sharp green leaves
#10. A smart three-course cake decorated with white flowers and brow, white and black drawings. It is put on a white stool with a black top

white cake decor lemons
Credit: Alixann Loosle
white gold cake
Credit: Bliss Pastry

#11. A four-course cake put on a grey stand with a white top. It has multi-color drawings.
#12. A lovely grey cake decorated with green and white flowers. It is put on a smart metal stand.

colorful stained glass as cake for wedding reception
Credit: Oakleaf Cakes Bake Shop
Credit: Figtree Wedding Photography