black cake with many colorful patterns
Credit: Sugar Song Cakes

A cake in any wedding is used for symbolic and decorative purposes rather than for eating. That is why you normally see them being decorated a lot with flowery stuff that is not meant to be eaten. So much attention is given to its appearance than its taste. Due to that, during your search of the best cake, you should choose the one with a magnificent design. The following are several wonderful wedding cake designs that you might order on your wedding day and impress your guests.

#1. A lovely white two-course wedding cake put on a beautiful stand. It is designed as if it is partly eaten to reveal it blue interior
#2. A white three-course cake decorated with blueberries around its every level and green, white and purple flowers on its base

Credit: Kake by Darci
white cake with blueberries
Credit: Hello Studios

#3. A beautiful cream cake decorated with red and pink flowers at the top and other red flowers around it
#4. A lovely three-course cake. It has a pink base and shiny rings around it

gold wedding cake with flowers as decor
Credit: Sweet Art Bake Shop
pink cake with three layers
Credit: Blush Wedding photography

#5. A lovely four-course cake. Its three top courses are blue while its bottom one is white
#6. A white and pink wedding cake with pink flowery decorations

very pretty cake for wedding reception
Credit: Rachelle’s Cakes
square cake
Credit: jasmineraecakes via Instagram

#7. A white four-course cake with horn-like shapes on its top
#8. A white three-course cake with a pineapple painting on its side and a white flowery decoration on its first level

forest white cake
Credit: Weddings By Nicola & Glen
gold pineapple on white cake
Credit: Erica OBrien

#9. A white three-course cake with pink, blue and white flower decoration
#10. A dark brown cake with pink flower decoration

cake with colorful flowers as decoration
Credit: Cakes 2 Cupcakes
tasty cake
Credit: dot gyorgy

#11. A white three-course wedding reception cake with pink, blue and white flower decoration
#12. A brown multi-course cake decorated with white and green flowers and blackberries on its base

landscape style cake
Credit: Daria Ellington Photography
Credit: Micahla Wilson Photography

#13. A dark brown cake with white, yellow, blue decorations
#14. A lovely three-course cake with pink flowery decorations. It is put on a beautiful metal stand.

black cake with many colorful patterns
Credit: Sugar Song Cakes
white cake with silver bow and roses
Credit: Cotton and Crumbs