Credit: George Street Photography

Just like other forms of wedding reception decorations, there are many ways you can label your love site. The most common labeling related with this is the tagging of the car carrying the newlyweds labeled “JUST WEDDED.” The tagging should be made in a unique and romantic way to spice up the mood. You can also use all sorts of materials that will make you and your partner feel the love in the air. The following are samples of notices of being together that were made exceptionally.

#1. A man and a woman with their hands open to expose small wooden shaped forming the words “FOREVER AND ALWAYS” and a ring
#2. A hand with a golden ring headed with an oval-cut diamond and a man jumping in the background

Credit: Lahra Bryant Photography
Credit: Dandy Pear Photography

#3. A man and a woman kissing while the woman lifts her hand showing off her engagement ring and an open palm with the words “I SAID YES.”
#4. A man and a woman kissing outside at night while holding lit lamps

Credit: nycoletalina via instagram
Credit: Amy Wallen Photography

#5. Two dogs one carrying a label tagged “OUR HUMANS ARE GETTING MARRIED” and the other tagged “SAVE THE DATE I.25.15” while the couple kisses in the background
#6. A woman shows off her engagement ring while putting her hand between his husbands’ and a dogs paw

Credit: George Street Photography
Credit: True Photography

#7. A man and a woman kissing while sitting to expose the soles labeled “GOD GAVE ME YOU.”
#8. A couple in black kissing in the woods while standing

Credit: Simply Graceful Photography
Credit: Cora Creek Photography

#9. A man kissing his woman’s hand after putting a ring on it
#10. A couple in blue hugging while the man kisses his smiling woman on the cheek

Credit: Jophoto
Credit: Kallima photography

#11. A couple holding a sisal string together while the woman exposes her engagement ring
#12. A path labeled with white shapes making the words “OUR ROAD STARTS HERE” while a couple kisses on the background along the path

Credit: Terra Rothman photography
Credit: Aislinn Kate photography