You can wear a new hairstyle on your wedding to appear different. By the way looking different that day is a brilliant idea since you will be acquiring a new marital status. From that day one, you will be someone’s wife. He may have dated you for a long time, but you can still excite him by looking different that day. To achieve that, you should explore comprehensively about various wedding hairstyles and select the best for you. You may as well find ideas from experienced hairdressers. Below are some hairstyles you may like.

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#1. Fishtail braid-A long light brown hair weaved to form a massive braid that lay on the back
#2. A short black messy hair set to lay on the sides and folded at the back

Credit: Katya Kalinina Studio
Credit: luxy hair

#3. Waterfall braid-A long straight hair with a small braid tied at the back of the head and the other hair set to lay freely at the back
#4. A straight black wedding hair folded massively at the back of the head

Credit: IHMS
black bridal hairstyles updo
Credit: Elstile

#5. A long black wedding hairstyle curled and set to lay on one side of the bust
#6. A long grey messy hair with a big braid tied at the back with the other hair

Credit: hairstylist_lizzieliros via Instagram
Credit: bamhair via Instagram

#7. A long light brown hair curled at the ends and which is set to lay on both shoulders
#8. A long dark brown curly hair with a mermaid braid set to lay forward on one shoulder

Credit: El Stile Spb
Credit: Hair and Makeup by Steph

#9. A short highly curled hair tied with a shining hair band to have a messy ponytail
#10. A short black curly hair with some of it laid on the shoulders

bridal hairstyle view from back
Credit: Icon Bride
Credit: Youri Sokolov via VK

#11. A long light brown messy hair set to lay freely in front and at the back and decorated with pink and green flowers
#12. Massive dark brown hair set to lay wholly at the back

Credit: Braedon Photography
perfect bridal hairstyles long curly hair
Credit: Elstile

#13. Massive dark brown hair set to lay wholly at the back
#14. Massive black hair set to lay wholly at the back

long hair updo

long dark curly hair
Credit: Elstile Spb