white mermaid gown

Nowadays, there are many designs of wedding gowns despite the colors not having changed much from the traditional ones. Traditional colors for dresses are normally white or cream. You can choose to wear a mermaid dress which is normally suitable for women with slim cleavages. The bottom line is that you have to research extensively about the dress that will suit you well. You can as well seek opinions from experts and friends. The following gown designs may give you a hint of what is available in the gown market and hence enable you choose yours wisely.

#1. A white bridal dress with a smooth bottom, rough top and wide flowery spaghetti straps
#2. A white dress with flowery rough material and matched with a white headgear

v-neck a-line dressa-line bride dress
#3. A white long mermaid wedding dress with smooth bottom and flowery spaghetti straps a flowery full neck
#4. A white gown with very wide bottom, straight bust and a blue belt and a headgear

amazing mermaid dressbride and groom with blue accents
#5. A lovely grey mermaid dress with a smooth and shiny material and flowery spaghetti straps
#6. A sexy net-like material which is transparent, has spaghetti straps and long net-like sleeves

v-neck satin mermaid gownpretty bride
#7. A lovely grey dress with a smooth and shiny material decorated with brown flowers and flowery spaghetti straps
38. An elegant white gown with a mini-skirt in front and a long dragging material and a net-like Sabrina bust

7this dress is as art
#9. A lovely white bridal gown with a rough and flowery spaghetti straps. It has a flowery bust.
#10. A lovely white dress with a rough and flowery spaghetti straps and a very wide bottom

white mermaid gownball gown
#11. A lovely white gown with white flower decorations. It has a flowery v-shaped bust and long net-like sleeves
#12. A lovely white dress with a straight bust and with the top part being a net-like material and a wide bottom

a-line dress richly decoratedball gown with illusion