There are many types of flower bouquets which are used in a wedding ceremony. We have the ones that are being held by the bride, and the bridesmaid and others put on different places like tables. You may as well decorate the church seats and the carpet during that day. There is the best way to mix all these bouquets placed in different places. That is why it is advisable you engage experts in this. You only need to explain your color tastes clearly and the outcome you expect. The following wedding bouquets will give you an idea of mixing flowers on your wedding day.

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1: Dhalia – red flowers; Blackberry Friut; Green cut;
2: Lisianthus + brooches;

A beautiful bouquet consisting of round red and green leafy flowers tied with a green ribbon
Credit: Lukas & Suzy VanDyke
A lovely synthetic wedding bouquet made of round white flowers decorated with shiny beads
Credit: glam bouquet

3: Sunflower – large yellow flowers; Dhalia – large red flowers; Alstroemeria – orange flowers at the bottom of the bouquet;
4: Apple fruits; Ruscus leaves;

A romantic bouquet made of round red and green flowers mixed with sunflowers and tied with a white and blue ribbon
Credit: Eureka photography
A lovely wedding bouquet comprised of green and red fruits, round red flowers and green leaves
Credit: Butterfly philosophy

5: Mountain Ash – red fruits Thuja – leaves;
6: Peony – white, pink and violet flowers;

A pretty bridal bouquet made of many small red fruits mixed with thin green leaves
Credit: Joshua Aull
A beautiful wedding bouquet made of round white and pink flowers mixed with leafy green and purple flowers
Credit: Kay English Photography

7: Narcissus – white flower with yellow center in the center of the bouquet; Daffodils – yellow flowers;

A magnificent bouquet consisting of yellow and white flowers mixed with some few small green leaves
Credit: Flirty Fleurs
Credit: Flirty Fleurs

9: Roses – white flowers; Pine cones;
10: Decorative thistle – prickly beads in the bouquet; Peony – large white flowers; Clever – maroon balls;

A beautiful synthetic bouquet made of large white flowers mixed with grey balls
Credit: Elisabeth Carol
A lovely bouquet consisting of round white and red flowers mixed with green, purple, black and blue leafy flowers
Credit: Bohotanical

11: Peony – pink large flowers; Roses – orange flowers;
12: Roses – orange flowers and small light pink flowers; Peony – large white flowers; Hosta – leaves;

A bouquet made of pink flowers only
Credit: Larissa Nicole Photography
A bouquet made of white, orange and green flowers
Credit: Katelyn James Photography

13: Roses – orange flowers; Daisy – white flowers with yellow middle; Fern – leaves; Craspedia – yellow balls; Small Chrysanthemum – small white flowers;
14: Roses – bright orange flowers; Dhalia – large pink flowers; Lisianthus – white flowers;

A bouquet made of white, orange and green flowers
Credit: Eddie Judd
A wedding bouquet made of white and pink flowers only
Credit: Stacey Hedman photography