Since the wedding cake is the first meal you will share with your loved ones as a new family, it should be beautiful and delicious. Normally, a cake is the yardstick of measuring the caliber of a wedding. While a simple wedding will have a simple cake, a grand wedding ceremony will have a humongous cake. If possible, the wedding cake should be custom-designed to bear your personality. It is therefore important that you engage your baker closely so that he can produce a cake that matches your personality.

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#1. A white four-course cake decorated with white, red, orange and pink flowers and green flower buds
#2. A dark brown four-course cake with black decorations and red, green and orange flowers

Credit: K & S photography
Credit: Chelsea Patricia

#3. A two-course cake with a multi-colored base and a white top decorated with multi-colored flowers
#4. A white four-course cake with purple decorations and a purple flower on top

Credit: Amanda Marie photography
Credit: Zavrzlama

#5. A cream cake with a wedding gown design complete with all gown finishes
#6. A white three-course cake with golden decorations and white flower on its top

Credit: Pink Cake Box
Credit: Elizabeths Cake Emporium

#7. A white four-course cake decorated with pink flowers and small grey fruity decorations
#8. A brown three-course cake decorated with white stripes and white, green and purple flowers on its top

Credit: Kat Willson
Credit: Happy Confetti photography

#9. A cream four-courseĀ  cake with pink and green flower decorations
#10. A two-course cake with a brown base and a white top decorated with red and green fruits

Credit: Dirk van der Werff Photography
Credit: Neil Redfern Photography

#11. An elegant cake decorated with white couple shapes and red, green and yellow fruits
#12. A lovely four-course cake decorated with pink, green and white flowers

Credit: Kristi Agier Photography
Credit: Erica Mae photography

#13. A white three-course cake with multiple color decorations
#14. A white three-course cake with multiple flower decorations and shapes of the couples heads on its top

Credit: Kakes by Karen
Credit: Jonas Peterson

#15. Dark brown cakes with white stripes and black fruit decorations
#16. A white three-course wedding cake with white flower decorations

Credit: JBM photography
Credit: Roberta Facchini photography