Since the wedding cake is the first meal you will share with your loved ones as a new family, it should be gorgeous and delicious. Normally, a cake is the gauge of measuring the level of a wedding. While a humble wedding will have a simple cake, a mega wedding will have a humongous cake. Where possible, the cake should be custom-designed to depict your personality. It is therefore essential that you involve your baker closely so that he can bake a cake that equals your personality.

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#1. A white three layers cake decorated with purple and green flowers and a brown decoration put on a sliced log
#2. A white three-course cake decorated with a beaded ring and a brown flower and put on a sliced log

wedding cake on wood
Credit: Sara & Rocky Photography
whole cake has white pattern
Credit: Foto Flare photography

#3. A white three-course cake decorated with green and red flower decorations
#4. A white three layers wedding cake decorated with maroon flowers and red fruits put on white place

birch tree as design cake
Credit: Alexandra Roberts Photogrpahy
cake with cherry and grapes
Credit: Jennifer Oliphant photographe

#5. A white cake decorated with blue and red flowers put on a white stand
#6. A white big cake decorated with pink and white flowers

colorful big cake for wedding reception
Credit: Angela Murray Morris
richly decorated cake
Credit: Kiss Me Cake

#7. A white three-course cake decorated with white rings, grey, purple, white and pink flowers
#8. A cake decorated with white flowers on the sides. Its two bottom courses are grey, and the top two are white

simple cake with flowers
Credit: Cotton & Crumbs
white gray light blue cake
Credit: Shalynne Imaging photography

#9. A white cake decorated with green, white, purple and pink flowers
#10. A cream cake decorated with brown and white flowers and a brown “B” at the top

cream white cake
Credit: Ann-Kathrin Koch Photography
cake looks like tree
Credit: De la Creme creativ studio

#11. A gigantic four-course cake with black, white and green decorations
#12. A white and brown multi-course wedding cake decorated with purple and green flowers

stained glass pattern
Credit: Madison Lee’s Cakes
cheese cake
Credit: Aaron Delesie Photography

#13. A lovely four layers cake with blue, red and green decorations put on a white stand
#14. A beautiful wedding cake with white and green flower decorations put on a sliced log

wow very pretty colorful cake with flowers as decor
Credit: Ely Fair photography
white simple wedding cake
Credit: Alixann Loosle