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Wedding decoration involves a lot of activities white may include the lighting of the venue, arrangement of furniture, cutlery and flowers among other things. These are activities that will spend some considerable amount of time and money. Therefore, you must be thoroughly prepared with these to make the decoration of your wedding venues a success. However, engaging a company that deals with event decoration is a good idea. It will save you time, the stress that comes with securing the materials, but most of all, professional work is topnotch. The following are pictures of wedding decorations that can inspire you when decorating your wedding.

#1. Four light brown Champaign bottles designated for tables 3, 4 and 5
#2. A lovely glass jar containing red fruits and grey flowers and burning candle put on top of a sliced log

Credit: GetHappyDesign via Etsy
Credit: Shutter Chic

#3. Glass jar carrying flowers and others holding burning candles put on a wedding reception table
#4. A lovely wooden box carrying white, purple and green flowers put on top of a sliced log

Credit: Teale Photography
Credit: Candice Benjamin

#5. A closed white double-door decorated with two circular strips of green flowers
#6. Three glass frames decorated with red, pink and green flowers with burning candles inside them. They are hanged with sisal ropes on a tree branch

Credit: Brooke Images
Credit: Hopkins Studios

#7. Three wine-fermenting drums under a tree holding a table top with wedding cakes, glasses with burning candles and flowers
#8. Tall glass jars holding yellow flowers, wine glasses and cutlery put on top of a big wedding reception table

Credit: Tonya Joy Photography
Credit: Andrena photography

#9. An outside wedding venue splashed with yellow flowers and sunflowers fixed on seats and a decorated circular entrance
#10. A wedding with a white carpet and seats and a stage decorated with bouquets of red flowers

Credit: Liliya Gorlanova Photography

#11. A bouquet of round white, pink, purple and green flowers
#12. An inside photo-shooting stage with tree branches decorated with white flowers all put on white stands

Credit: Mint photography
Credit: Rachel A. Clingen

#13. A glass jar with pink and green flowers beside a bottle wrapped with sisal ropes put on a sliced log
#14. A glass containing sea shells and a burning candle

Credit: Jamie Clifford photography
Credit: Chris Weirdo from Disney Fine Art Photography