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Just like other forms of cladding, you have to take plenty of your time researching and thinking about that hairstyle that will bring out the princess in you on your wedding day. A good hairstyle will make you stunning that day, and that will be part of making you feel wonderful on your big day. Unlike the limited designs of wedding dresses, you have plenty of hairstyles to choose from. But what normally matters most is someone’s shape of the head. The following are awesome wedding hairstyles that you may consider.

#1. Long dark brown hair with several braids joined with the rest of the hair to lay backwards
#2. Long light brown messy hair with a hairy curled braid laying on the back

Credit: Ulyana Aster via Instagram
Credit: El Stile

#3. Messy grey hair with a braid wrapped around the head and a bun at the back of the head made with a white hair clip
#4. A long black hair with red ending. It is all weaved to form a messy massive braid that lays on the back

Credit: Whatlydialikes via Instagram
Credit: theconfessionsofahairstylist via Instagram

#5. A short straight hair partly brushed aside and the rest wrapped at the back of the head with a black and white hair band
#6. A messy long light brown hair with a curly bun at the back of the head set with a shiny hair clip

Credit: riawnacapri via Insragram
Credit: Bride Hairstyle Studio

#7. A long, straight black hair with a simple ponytail
#8. A long, light brown curly hair. It is divided into two from the forehead and brushed both sides of the head. It ends up being joined together and laid on one shoulder

Credit: Dudi Hasson
Credit: Savan photography

#9. A long dark brown hair with several braids joined to form one which is laid on one shoulder
#10. A black messy hair with a bun at the back of the head and other parts brushed sideways

Credit: Hair and Make up by Steph
Credit: El Stile

#11. A long, highly curled light brown hair joined to lay on one shoulder
#12. A short black hair with a bun at the back and some other parts brushed on the forehead

Credit: Provans Studio
Credit: Jessica M. Wood Photography