Besides being edible, wedding cakes play a symbolic role in a wedding event. That is the reason why they are always displayed on the main platform rather than being kept in the kitchen with other types of food. That is why the cake is usually served by the newlyweds starting by feeding each other and then the special people in their lives. Due to these, cakes should impress your guests maximally. It is therefore imperative that you hire skilled bakers to assist you with the design. The following are the various designs of wedding cakes that you can consider.

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#1. A beautiful pink three-course cake put on a glass stand. It is designed to look like one which is partly eaten and has black decorations on its top
#2. A beautiful white three-course cake put on a sliced log of wood and has white, cream, green and brown flower decorations

Beautiful and tasty geode cake
Credit: Sainte G.
Elegant cake decorated with brown and green flowers reads E D
Credit: Amarie Photography

#3. A beautiful white three-course wedding cake put on a sliced log of wood and has grey, green and yellow flower decorations
#4. A lovely purple two-course cake put on a brown stand and has purple, cream and green flower decorations

Wedding cake decorated with sunflowersand beautiful icing
Credit: postscripts via Etsy
Rose gold cake with pink and violet flowers
Credit: Kivalo photography

#5. A beautiful white cake with brown stripes and blue, yellow and green flower decorations
#6. A beautiful black three-course cake with pink, purple and red flower decorations

Double layered cake decorated with blueberries
Credit: olivephototo
four layered cake with beautiful flowers and design
Credit: Kay English photography

#7. An elegant white cake placed on a golden colored stand. It has white and red flower decorations
#8. A pink cake designed like a gown complete with interlocking decorative laces

glossy white and golden cake with white and pink flowers
Credit: Caking It Up via Instagram
shoe shaped cake for brides
Credit: Pink Cake Box

#9. A beautiful pink three-course cake put on a sliced log of wood and has white, green and grey flower decorations
#10. A lovely black cake decorated with white and green flowers

Tree cake decorated with brances and stems
Credit: Genevieve Albert photographe
Fantastic chocolate flavored cake
Credit: Krista Mason photography

#11. A beautiful white three-course cake with white, purple, green and orange flower decorations
#12. A lovely cake with a blue base and two white courses decorated with red flowers

Multi layered cake with different colors and flowers
Credit: leyaracakes via Instagram
Blue and white cake with roses

#13. A white two-course cake with an antelope painting
#14. A lovely white cake decorated with white, pink, purple and green flowers

double layered cake with deer on it
Credit: Black Cherry Cake
triple layered cake with white and pink flowers
Credit: Kathleen Landwehrle Photography