bun braid for engagement
Credit: lavish.pro

You must have realized that a cool wedding hairstyle does not have to be an expensive braid or the complicated flower crown. Many of brides nowadays display modesty with just simple, affordable hairstyles such as the loose buns, messy fishtail braids, and the low ponytails. The bottom line is wearing that hairstyle that will make you feel like a princess on your dream day. If you are searching for an excellent style to set your hair on your wedding day, take some time to consider these very affordable but elegant hairstyles that may impress you. Be inspired by these stunning and diverse bridal hairstyles.

#1. A long light brown hair with a highly curled braid and decorated with pink and white flowers and green flower buds
#2. A long black hair with a braid wrapping the back of the hair and the other hair left to lay freely at the back

Elegant Dutch braid for wedding
Credit: Laura G Photographs
combo of waterfall and mermaid braid
Credit: Ulyana Aster via Instagram

#3. A long black hair wrapped with a hair band on the head and has a curly ponytail
#4. A long dark brown hair made of several messy braids joined to lay on one side of the bust

beautiful waterfall braid for ladies
Credit: Ulyana Aster via Instagram
mermaid braid for brides
Credit: IHMS

#5. A messy medium black hair wrapped around the back and has some strips laid on the face and decorated with a shiny hairclip
#6. A long dark brown hair on the head and light brown forming a fishtail braid decorated with shiny clips

beautiful lady in a bun braid
Credit: Elstile via instagram
Classic french braid for women
Credit: ulyana.aster via Instagram

#7. A long dark, beautiful brown hair forming a fishtail braid
#8. A long curly light brown hair set to lay freely on one shoulder

classic and elegant French braid for brides
Credit: Ulyana Aster
whitish and beautiful hairstyle for engagement
Credit: Web Salon

#9. A long messy light brown hair wrapped at the back of the head, decorated with pink and orange flowers and the other part lay at the back
#10. A long dark brown hair with a bun decorated with shiny clips

waterfall braid design for engagement
Credit: Like a lady
bun braid for engagement
Credit: lavish.pro

#11. A messy dark brown hair set to let free and decorated with flowers at the back
#12. A long light brown hair set freely at the back

classic normal wedding hairstyle with white flowers
Credit: JBM Photography
normal wedding hairstyle
Credit: Abbi Cooley

#13. A short dark brown hair with a bun decorated with flowers
#14. A dark brown hair with a bun

bun and french braid combo for weddings
Credit: Lieb Photographic
beautiful roll and bun hairstyle for wedding
Credit: Rebecca Arthurs