With the wide range of decorative designs, your wedding cake should appear as excellent as it tastes. Order a cake as unique and elegant as your wedding day. Make sure that you visit your local bakery, where you are supposed to talk with a professional cake designer. Choose from an endless list of tempting cake flavors and designs. Classic to posh, professional bakers should be able to create your cake from your drawing, photograph or even a magazine. Here, you will see some beautiful cake samples which may impress you.

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#1. A white three-course cake with heart shape painting crossed by an arrow and white, black and green flower decorations
#2. A studded white four-course cake orange flower decorations

Adorable rustic beautiful cake
Credit: Jenny Evelyn
four layered cake with orange paper
Credit: Artistic Desserts

#3. A white three-course cake with a pink base decorated with pink flowers and a white stand
#4. A white three-course bridal cake with a pink base decorated with white flowers and a glass stand

3 layered cake with beautiful flowers
Credit: Sugarlips Cakes
2 layered cake with white flowers
Credit: La Belle Patissiere

#5. A black three-course wedding reception cake with decorated with orange, green and blue flowers and green graffiti
#6. A white cake decorated with purple, green and white flowers

chocolate cake with beautiful calligraphy
Credit: Jaynee Cakes
beautiful choco drizzle vanilla cake for a wedding
Credit: Marguerite Cakes

#7. A cream cake designed like a gown complete with interlocking laces and decorated with purple, pink and green flowers
#8. A two-course cake with a golden-colored base a white second course decorated with white, red, pink and green flowers

beautifully designed cake
Credit: Pink Cake Box
golden and white wedding cake with rose
Credit: Cake Ink

#9. A white three-course cake decorated with pink, white and green flowers and a white stand
#10. A dark brown cake decorated with lot of red, pink and white flowers

multilayered cake
Credit: The Wedding Artist’s Collective
chocolate cake with rose toppings
Credit: ivenoven via Instagram

#11. A two-course cake painted with multi-colored flowers
#12. A blue two-course cake decorated with pink flowers

dragonfly art cake with different colors
Credit: Pam Bakes Cakes via facebook
elegant blue colored floral cake for a wedding
Credit: Dream Day Cakes

#13. A white three-course cake decorated with white and green flowers
#14. A yellow and brown decorated with green and purple

layered cake colored white
Credit: Ten22 Studio
wedding cake decorated with grapes
Credit: The Dandelion Patch via instagram

#15. A white four-course cake decorated with green and pink flower
#16. A white four-course cake decorated with blue paintings

four layered cake with vanilla frosting
Credit: Abby Grace Photo
five layered cake with a dragon
Credit: I waste so much time