Before the guests see you at the top of the aisle, they will get the first impression of your wedding according to the ceremony space and glamor. Is it flowery, bright, bountiful, pristine, and serene or loft? When you are planning the decorations for your space, you will make your grand debut. Hence, consider the mood of your wedding entirely and let that determine its design. Here are several varied wedding venues which are gorgeous and can inspire you.

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#1. Brown roundtable with brown picture frames and a synthetic tree
#2. A stone wall decorated with green and white flowers and tree logs holding burning candles

wedding tree DIY decoration
Credit: Jodi Miller Photography
house decoration
Credit: Cramer photo

#3. Beautiful glasses of water and wrapped with brown threads
#4. A brown wooden wedding reception table laid with candles, containers holding candles, glass jars and green leaves

candles decoration
Credit: Labor of Love
centerpiece wedding attractive decoration
Credit: Amy Arrington

#5. Gigantic white house pillars decorated with cream sheets of cloth which are decorated with green leaves to make a photo-shooting stand
#6. A golden-colored three-course frame holding purple, green and white flowers

decoration you can't miss
Credit: Holeigh V Photography
decoration with green leaves
Credit: Pat Furey Photography

#7. A brown wedding reception table decorated with glass jars some of them carrying bouquets of red, yellow, orange and green flowers and a brown label is written in white
#8. A photo-shooting stand decorated with a lot of green flowers dark brown wooden podium and a brown metallic roof

wedding flower and bottle decoration
Credit: Laura Matthews Photography
roof decoration
Credit: Kelly Sweet photography

#9. A wedding reception hall with a brown wooden floor laid with white seats and a white stand decorated with white and green flowers
#10. An open wedding reception field decorated with white, green and pink flowers

centerpiece decorated with white flowers
Credit: Dominique Bader
flower chain for weddings
Credit: Leo Patrone photography

#11. A wedding reception table laid with a white tablecloth and a glass jars which are holding blue and green flowers and sunflowers
#12. A beautiful wedding reception hall with a green and white carpeted floor laid with white seats, hanging white light decorated with white and green flowers. The main podium has a white table decorated with white sheets of clothes.

bottle decorated with sunflower
Credit: Charlotte Geary
wedding bottle and light decoration
Credit: danielcruzdecoracao via Instagram