You will find an assortment of flowers such as hydrangea, succulents, peonies, roses, and magnolias in a rainbow of colors to decorate your wedding. Color options for wedding bouquets include orange, cream, pink, purple, yellow, white, and much more. There are also artificial bridal bouquets mixing two or more flowers which complement each other. Some varieties are also mixed succulents, hydrangea, dogwood, roses and succulents among others. These perfect flower pairings take the guesswork out of combining your mixed-flower bouquets. You are assured to receive compliments from your wedding guests.

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1: Ruscus Leaves – green foliage for decorations; Lisianthus – white flowers; Aster – small blue flowers; Phlox – small bright pink flowers; Blackberry fruit;
2: Pine cones – Ranunculus – large white flowers;

purple, white, green flowers and green leaves
Credit: Lelia Scarfiotti’s
large round white flowers, succulent brown flowers, and green leaves
Credit: Sonya Khegay

3: Ranunculus – light pink flowers with a darker center; Wax flower – small flowers;
4: Roses – pink flowers; Chrysanthemum – white flowers on the right side of the bouquet; Hydrangea – white small flowers;

white, pink and purple flowers and strings of green leaves
Credit: Lauren Kriedman Photography
A lovely wedding bouquet consisting of white and pink flowers, green flower buds a pink ribbon
Credit: 2 Rings And A Dress Photography

5: Roses – white flowers on the left and right sides of the bouquet; Hydrangea – yellow and blue flowers at the bottom of the bouquet; Statice – blue flowers on the top of the bouquet;
6: Gerbera – pink and red flowers with black center; Roses – pink flowers; Hydrangea – white and pink little flowers;

white and blue flowers and green leaves put in a glass jar
Credit: Flowers by Fudgie
white, pink and red flowers, green leaves and green flower buds
Credit: Blue Rose photography

7: Roses – red and cherry blossoms; Mini Calla Lily – orange flowers in the shape of a cup;
8: Dusty miller flat – silvery leaves; Baby Breath – small white flowers; Roses – white flowers; Ranunculus – white flowers with yellow center; Hydrangea – white flowers at the bottom of the bouquet; Brunia – silver balls in the bouquet;

red, orange and black flowers, black leaves and orange flower buds
Credit: Botanica Floral Design
large white flowers, grey leaves, and grey fruits
Credit: Floret Cadet

9: Peony – pink large flowers; Roses – small light pink flowers;
10: Peony – large pink flowers Lisianthus – white flowers;

pink and white flowers and cream and green flower buds
Credit: Kristin Sweeting
pink and white flowers, green flower buds and green leaves
Credit: Lisa Rigby via Facebook

11: Peony – large white flowers;
12: Succulents – violet flowers; Peony – large white flowers; Imperial Protea – large closed purple flower;

white flowers and grey leaves
Credit: Geneoh Photography
large round white and pink flowers, succulent blue flowers and green leaves
Credit: Annie McElwain photography

13: Peony – light pink flowers Lilac – purple flowers;
14: Dhalia – large bright and cherry blossom; Roses – red flowers on the right side of the bouquet; Scabiosa – white flowers with balloons in the middle;

large round pink and white flowers mixed with small purple flowers
Credit: brklyn view photography
wedding bouquet consisting of red, pink and white flowers and green leaves
Credit: With Love and Embers