gate design for bride wedding
Credit: The Nochols

Before the guests see you at the top of the aisle, they will get the first impression of your wedding according to the ceremony space and glamor. Is it flowery, bright, bountiful, pristine, and serene or loft? When you are planning the decorations for your space, you will make your grand debut. Hence, consider the mood of your wedding entirely and let that determine its design. Here are several varied wedding venues which are gorgeous and can inspire you.

#1. A white table decorated with small tree logs with burning candles and green flower decorations
#2. A floor spread with white flowers and laid with frames carrying burning candles and white flowers seats

wedding window decoratives
Credit: Shannon Von Eschen
gorgeous centerpiece design for western wedding
Credit: Jenelle Kappe Photography

#3. A white wooden door decorated with strings of green leaves and candle frames in the entrance of an open field filled with seats
#4. A slice of a piece of a log with a black candle frame and a glass jar holding small white flowers

gate design for bride wedding
Credit: The Nochols
wedding DIY design
Credit: country barn babe

#5. Wedding reception tables laid with white tablecloths and tall glass jars holding pink and orange flower bouquets
#6. A white pot carrying a bouquet of red, cream and grey flowers

DIY design with roses and crafts
Credit: Ryan Ray photography
wedding pot design with beautiful vibrant flowers
Credit: Lisa Price Photography

#7. A wooden photo-shooting stand in the center of a field decorated with white and green flowers
#8. A wedding reception table with a brown candle frame holding a burning candle and other small stands white and green flowers

gate design with wood and white flowers
Credit: Jose Villa
centerpiece design with candles for wedding
Credit: Realities photography

#9. A black frame holding purple, white and green flowers inside it
#10. Bouquets of flowers consisting of white, pink and black flowers

DIY craft
Credit: Izzy Hudgins photography
S design with white and black and yellow flowers
Credit: Annabella Charles photography

#11. A big suspended bouquet consisting of pink, white and green flowers and small glasses
#12. A wooden stand decorated with strings of green leaves and white flowers in the entrance of a photo-shooting stage

DIY flower design
Credit: Greer G. Photography
gate with white cloth and flower
Credit: The Nichols

#13. White wooden seats set in a green field decorated with brown fabrics and sunflowers
#14. A wedding reception table laid with brown fabric, wine glasses and cutlery

centerpiece with sunflowers
Credit: Rachel Marie Photography
wedding spoons designed
Credit: Feather And Stone