The design and combination of flower, colors in your wedding venue will be unique to other weddings. The reason is that the venue might be the same, but your personalities and tastes may not correspond. The flower decoration, especially in your wedding reception halls and photo-shooting arena, should reflect your true self. That is why you should consult widely with your florist so that he may understand you maximally and consider other colors that will be on the sites. The following are diverse designs of flower bouquets that will inspire your choice for your wedding.

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1: Cabbage decorative-green “flower” in the center of the bouquet;
2: Roses – white flowers; Ruscus leaves – ornamental foliage; Lilies of the valley – dangling white flowers;

bouquet consisting of kales, white flowers and green and purple flower buds
Credit: Sarah Kate
wedding bouquet consisting of green leaves, white flowers and white flower buds tied with pink and white ribbons
Credit: Beaux Arts photographie

3: Ruscus leaves – ornamental leaves; roses – flowers in the center of the bouquet; Orchid – pink-cherry flowers;
4: Amaryllis – cherry-shaped cherry flowers; Peony – cherry blossoms;

red and purple flowers and strings of green leaves
Credit: Hilton Pittman Photography
red and green flowers and green leaves tied with a cream ribbon
Credit: Mishelle Lamarand Photography

5: Roses – large pink flowers; Lisianthus – violet flowers with yellow center; Baby Breath – small white flowers; Clover – pink bouquet balls;
6: I do not know what flower are;

green leaves, white, blue and purple flowers and white and green flower buds tied with a cream ribbons
Credit: Bloom Weddings Photgraphy
white and grey flowers held by the bridesmaids
Credit: Amy & Jordan via Instagram

7: Ruscus leaves – hanging from the bouquet; Dusty miller flat – silvery leaves at the top of the bouquet; Eucalyptus – silvery leaves; Peony – orange flower; Roses – white flowers;
8: Peony – pink flowers Ranunculus – white large flowers;

white flowers, grey leafy flowers, and strings of green leaves held by the bride
Credit: Austin Gros Photography
round white and pink flowers
Credit: Mirelle Carmichael photography

9: Sunflowers – large yellow flowers; Craspedia – yellow balls; Dusty miller flat – silvery leaves; Roses – large bright yellow flowers;
10: Roses – salmon and cream flowers; Baby Breath – white flowers;

grey leaves, white, cream and yellow flowers and succulent blue leaves
Credit: Blush Floral Design
round white and pink flowers and small flower buds held by the bride
Credit: ENV Photography & Red Bloom Photography

11: Imperial Protea – large closed purple flower; Dhalia – cherry blossom; Mini Cala Lily – violet flower buds; Lisianthus – white flowers; Dracaena – leaves;
12: Dhalia – orange flowers; Roses – light yellow and pink flowers; Peony – light pink flowers;

round white and purple flowers and green flower buds held by the bride
Credit: Bailley photography
pink and orange flowers, grey leafy flowers and strings of grey leaves held by the bride
Credit: Katie Slater Photography