dark chocolate cake with roses
Credit: Cakes Decor

Besides being edible, wedding cakes play a symbolic role in a wedding ceremony. That is why they are always displayed on the main dais instead of being hidden in the kitchen with other types of food. That is the reason why the cake is served by the newlyweds themselves starting with feeding each other and other special people in their lives. Due to those reasons, the cake is supposed to be very adorable to the eyes of the guests. It is therefore important that you engage skilled bakers to help you with the design. The following are varied designs of wedding cases that you can consider.

#1. A lovely cream three-course cake decorated with orange fruits and orange leafy flowers
#2. A brown cake with a white top decorated with red berries and blue fruits on the top and placed on a white stand

Beautiful and tasty  wedding cake
Credit: Bethel Bakery
Elegant cake decorated with strawberries
Credit: Kate Miller photography

#3. A white wedding cake decorated with white, pink and green flowers on its sides and placed on a glass stand
#4. A lovely white cake designed like a mermaid wedding dress

cake decorated with flowers and beautiful icing
Credit: principalplanner
white cake with white flowers
Credit: Sandra Monger Cakes

#5. A two-course cake with a white base with pink flamingo paintings and a red and yellow top course decorated with leaves
#6. A five-course cake with blue and black paintings

Double layered wedding cake decorated with pineapple and swans
Credit: Van Goh Cakes
five layered wedding cake with beautiful art
Credit: aelizabethcakes via Instagram

#7. A white three-course cake with multi-color decorations and placed on a black stand
#8. A white four-course cake with brown decorations and placed on a slice of log and decorated with green and purple flowers

glossy floral and colorful wedding reception cake
Credit: Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes
cake for brides
Credit: Miss Gen Photography

#9. A white four-course cake decorated with white and golden flowers and placed on a white stand
#10. A multi-level cake. Its bottom courses are brown while its top courses are a white and are decorated with blackberries white tags put on a tray with biscuits

cake decorated with white flowers
Credit: The Cake Whisperer
Fantastic vanilla flavored wedding reception cake
Credit: TIMCHIN Photography

#11. A white three-course cake decorated with pink and green flowers and placed on a white stand
#12. A black four-course cake decorated with red and green flowers and placed on a black stand

Multi-layered cake with flowers
Credit: The Sugar Suite
dark chocolate cake with roses
Credit: Cakes Decor