Maybe you have not taken your wedding photo-shooting seriously. If that is the case, you should start preparing for it with the seriousness it deserves. The pictures are the things which will document your wedding event together with the videos. These shots should not be the ones who will make you look like a crown to the children who will be seeing them, decades later. Therefore, you should be alert to your postures, facial expressions, and your gestures all day. You should also engage a photographer who will capture all the crucial moments using his super-powerful camera.

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#1. A woman in light white mini-dress and high-heeled shoes sexily laying on the chest of a man dressed like a cowboy leaning on the side of a door
#2. A woman sexily looking over her shoulder to see her butt while wearing a bikini and covering her front with a white wedding gown

Wedding bride having a romantic moment in black and white
Credit: Kevin Camp
wedding bride trying her wedding apron
Credit: Petr Andrienko

#3. A woman squats on a bed dressed in a boob top and a pantie while covering herself with a transparent white wedding dress
#4. A woman sexily laying on a window while wearing a bikini and an open white gown

wedding girl in a bikini posing for a photo
Credit: Lena Kozhina via Instagram
girl in  a bikini sleeping near a window
Credit: Victoria Besedina

#5. A bride wearing a sexy transparent pantie that runs up to the bust looking out the window while holding flowers
#6. A woman sexily sitting on a bed taking tea and a cake while wearing a very short and transparent dress

sexy and beautiful wedding girl in a short dress
Credit: Maxim Guselnikov
girl in a sexy floral dress
Credit: Vadim Zakharishchev

#7. A woman exposes her body with a bikini only through a white transparent dress while standing and holding flowers
#8. A woman sexily sitting on a bed while only wearing a pantie and covering herself with a white transparent headgear

girl with a bouquet and in a bikini
Credit: Nadia Meli
sexy girl sitting on a bed wearing a bikini
Credit: Katherine Henry Boudoir

#9. A woman sexily sitting on a window while wearing a bikini and an open white gown
#10. A woman sexily posing in a ring of green flowers while partly covering herself with a gown

girl posing for a photo
Credit: Lightburst photography
girl on a hanging tree branch
Credit: ksemenikhin via Instagram

#11. A woman covered in a transparent headgear sexily sitting on a field while wearing a bikini
#12. A woman sexily posing for a photo

sexy girl posed in a bikini
Credit: ksemenikhin via Instagram
sexy girl posing with her wedding dress
Credit: e_s_p_a_n_a via Instagram