the cupcakes decorated with beautiful bases and flowers
Credit: leyaracakes via Instgram

The most important aspect of a wedding cupcake is its image more than its taste. A cake is usually meant to fascinate the guests’ eyes more than their tongues. Majority of wedding guests do not even taste the cakes since they are afraid due to varied reason. But its appearance will make a statement to them. Hence, make your wedding memorable with your cake appearance since pictures are easily remembered than tastes. Below are several wedding cupcake designs that might be of help to you.

a beautiful cupcake for a wedding with flower decoration
Credit: nadiaandco via Instagram
 elegant cupcake with pink and beautiful flowers
Credit: The Pastry Studio


cupcakes with light pink flowers and yellow cake
Credit: nadiaandco via Instagram
beautiful chocolate cupcakes with white frosting
Credit: Tide And Thyme


beautiful cupcakes with different three colored frosting
Credit: The sugar fairy
gorgeous cupcakes with blue and blackberries on it
Credit: The Little Epicurean


beautiful cupcakes with awesome white frosting and biscuit
Credit: Foxes Love Lemons
white frosting cupcakes for weddings with chocolate on it
Credit: Blahnik Baker


cupcakes with white frosting on it
Credit: Paco & Betty
cupcakes decorated with awesome white frosting
Credit: Rachel Smith Photography


white frosting wedding cupcakes with different fruits on it
Credit: Catherine Hall
white wedding cupcakes with flower frosting on it
Credit: Studio 222 Photography


the cupcakes with pink flowers on it
Credit: Sweet e’s Pastries and Sweets
the cupcakes decorated with beautiful bases and flowers
Credit: leyaracakes via Instgram


the cupcakes decorated with a different style
Credit: hinarasool via Instagram
the wedding cupcakes with different flowers on it
Credit: hinarasool via Instagram