If you’re deep into planning a marriage, there’s a 99.9% danger you’re feeling some pressure. Don’t worry though, heading over to Pinterest or any of the many great lifestyle blogs out there will be a great help to you. These sources are teeming with wedding ideas, all backed up with inspiring images and blogs packed with suggestions, tutorials and links to give you a complete picture of what to do, where to shop and tutorials on how to get organized.

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It’s simpler than ever to analyze cool, creative, and specific wedding ceremony ideas with a view to taking the stress out of planning a wedding.

To get you considering ways to shake up your personal wedding reception we amassed 100 ideas, some small, others slightly more thematic, to help you throw the most stunning wedding ceremony ever.

1. Make customized popcorn bags for your guests to indulge in all through the reception.

Credit: josevillablog.com

2. Provide your visitors with flip flops so they can continue to dance their hearts out as the sun goes down. This is a lovely idea for a summer wedding but maybe not so good for winter celebrations …

flat shoes
Credit: experthometips.com

3. Instead of benches or chairs, pick unique seating that displays your wedding ceremony style, like ground cushions or these laidback tree stumps painted with tribal print.

rural chairs on the meadow
Credit: larahotz.com

4. For an indoor or midnight wedding, light up your ceremony with a backdrop packed with strands of lighting fixtures.

romantic moment, the bride and groom
Credit: weddingpartyapp.com

5. Instead of having your bridesmaids dress the same and use the same color scheme, allow them to enjoy the day by dressing in individual, mis-matching clothes. Trust us, they’ll love it.

differently dressed bridesmaids
Credit: instagram

6. Take some strain off yourself and permit your guests to choose their own seats!

Credit: pinterest

7. There’s no denying the allure of a timber sign or the elegance of a mirrored signal, however you make use of them. Opt for something innovative that reflects your themes, like this laugh neon signal with a sweet love-centric slogan.

wall with green plants and ledges as a wedding decoration
Credit: rachelhavel.com

8. Don’t like traditional cake? Then choose a cheese cake. Literally!

unusual wedding cake
Credit: Little Blue Box Weddings – Megan Clouse Photography

9. During your ceremony or reception, plant a tree along with your new spouse. You can flip this into a cohesion ceremony, it’s a loving display of your commitment to each other both now and in the future collectively. Planting a tree during your wedding ceremony is a sweet representation of the two of you planting your personal, sturdy roots on the way to growing together.

planting a tree at the wedding ceremony
Credit: studio222photography.com

10. During your bachelorette party, have each bridesmaid wear lipstick and kiss the same sheet of card. Have each girl sign their name under their kiss and frame the print.

plaque with kisses
Credit: bellainberlin

11. Host a bridesmaid scavenger hunt at your bachelorette party.

Credit: dorindaeve.blogspot.com

12. Replace the primary dance with an activity that is more meaningful to you and your groom. This couple chose do use this slot for their first game of Twister as husband and wife.

Credit: karinamaks.com

13. Get innovative with your altar. If you’re in any manner competent with DIY (or know someone who is), it’s distinctly easy to make your own personal, unique altar where you will say your vows. Try driftwood nailed together or flower garlands draped over a metal structure.

beautiful white altar
Credit: weddingomania.com

14. Dip balloons in gold glitter for a glamorous, amusing impact. If you’re having a sit-down dinner, tie one to the back of every chair. Otherwise, fill them with helium and allow them to fill the ceiling of your venue.

decorated balloons
Credit: studiodiy.com

15. Traditional bride and groom cake toppers are so eighties. Top off your cake with an accessory that enhances your wedding topic. We love this light bulb one for a commercial fashion wedding, particularly the way it tops each tier of the cake to say, Light of my Existence. Swoon.

wedding ceremony cake
Credit: moniqueserraphotography.com

16. Love Beyonce? Grab a sweater to rock at your engagement party.

Credit: etsy.com

17. Hire an artist to paint your altar or reception area. They’ll create a piece of art out of the happiest day of your life that you can treasure for years to come.

painter for a wedding
Credit: greylikesweddings.com

18. Rather than getting waiters to carry around trays of champagne, get them to fill suspended platforms of drinks instead.

wine hung in an interesting way
Credit: juliepaisley.com

19. And don’t forget about your selfie stick!

do not forget about the selfie stick
Credit: Joshua Brown Photography

20. Surprise your visitors with a night meals truck.

food track and bride and groom
Credit: latina.com

21. For suitable (and lower priced) centerpieces, take cylindrical vases and submerge flora in the water.

flowers immersed in water in a glass
Credit: diy.wed-central.com

22. Don’t need to wear a veil? How about a glittery headpiece as a substitute?

bride with off-shoulder white dress
Credit: taniamaras.com

23. Maybe have your bridesmaids wear the same! Remember this is a way to see at the end of the night who is going to be the next one to get married!

The soles of the bride's shoes signed
Credit: ericsonphoto.com

24. Get a celebrity impersonator to rock out at your reception.

hiring a star for a wedding
Credit: Chicago City Center – Megan W Photography

25. If you have the opportunity to incorporate any cultural elements, do it! Guests love experiencing these unique moments and learning about the wedding traditions of different cultures. This couple invited in a zaffe group and surprised their guests with an remarkable experience they’ll never forget!

regional orchestra
Credit: mlbyml.com

26. Make a hashtag for your wedding so that guests can tag their snap shots taken at your event.

instagram tag
Credit: faithfullyfocused.com

27. Give your engagement photos a myth theme.

fantastic photo: bride and groom on white horse
Credit: elizabethannedesigns.com

28. Incorporate lovable, shiny-colored tassel garlands to add laughs and a girly overtone.

white cake with paper heart
Credit: theperfectpalette.com

29. Give visitors packs of cake to take home so they can re-live the experience when they leave.

gifts for wedding guests
Credit: blissweddingsandevents.com

30. Wear your grandmother’s wedding dress, get dressed as a unique tribute to one of your favorite humans. A few layout tweaks will create a modern-day twist on an antique look.

bride with grandma
Credit: kortneyjphotography.com

31. Treat yo’self with a nacho bar. Everyone across the globe LOVES nachos. So it’s ideal to have a self-serve nacho bar at your wedding for visitors to help themselves to night time snacking.

nachos for guests
Credit: firstfruitscatering.com

32. Design the seating for the ceremony in a circular fashion so guests can get a 360-degree view.

chairs arranged in a circle
Credit: josevilla.com

33. Don’t have extra people to hand for a flower girl? Have two grandmothers fill the role.

two grandmothers are shedding flowers
Credit: thefullbouquetblog.com

34. Create a time table of pictures for everyone to enjoy.

us at age
Credit: kiokreations.com

35. Create a Candy Land candies station.

candy land
Credit: Bob Gail Special Events – Onelove Photography

36. This is a cute concept for weddings. Create a newspaper full of the day’s events plus whatever else you want to put in them. You can include photographs of the bride and groom from childhood or snaps from the stag and hen dos!

newspaper with wedding information
Credit: experthometips.com

37. Obviously, you and your bridesmaids will be having a fun night when it’s time for your bachelorette party. How adorable would it be to make a print of fun morning-after mugshots?

photos with message
Credit: pinterest

38. Give your maid of honor a box of objects she might like to have in preparation for the day.

box with feminine perfume
Credit: pinterest

39. A creative way to show off the marriage itinerary? Use floating windows! Perfect for a rustic wedding.

Credit: catchmyparty.com

40. Give every table a track title or lyric. When their tune plays, that complete table has to get up and dance. If you are doing a buffet dinner, the tune can also be the table’s cue to get their meals.

array with information
Credit: Photo by Lotus Blossom Photography

41. Light up your wedding ceremony snap shots by giving your guests sparklers to play with. Remember to provide some buckets of water for safe disposal.

cold sparklers
Credit: experthometips.com

42. Does your wedding ceremony venue have dull toilets? Spruce them up with these door dressings.

bathroom door decorated for a wedding
Credit: buzzfeed.com

43. For a rustic wedding, use a piece of wood to create a marriage sign to point your visitors to the right route. Prop it up with a pitchfork or lawn shovel and use watering cans as flower holders.

rustic wedding sign for guests
Credit: atelierdeboda.wordpress.com

44. Order custom labels for wine and water to put your very own private stamp on libations.

own wedding wine labels
Credit: jenniferseestudios.com

45. Tea light jam jars. Don’t underestimate the power of tea light fixtures, create your very own tea light jam jars as a backdrop or decoration for your wedding day.

jars on a string as a decoration
Credit: experthometips.com

46. Find a creative location to host your wedding ceremony like a flower-stuffed greenhouse.

table decor
Credit: decoratorsnotebook

47. Write each other love letters on the day of your wedding ceremony and seal them closed in a box with a bottle of wine. Open the box on an anniversary.

engraved wooden box
Credit: etsy.com

48. Give your bridesmaids something a bit less traditional to hold in lieu of bouquets. These greenery wreaths with plants are without a doubt splendid and eye-catching. We’re also into balloons and lanterns as bouquet alternatives.

bridesmaids dressed in red dresses
Credit: dearheartphotos.com

49. Get your canine involved (bow tie optional).

the dog has a bow tie
Credit: Jose Villa Photography

50. Keep it fun at the kid’s table. Keep the children entertained and happy with interest packs at their tables. Think crayons, paper, chocolates – they will love it. If you’ve got the room add board games and lots of balloons for even more fun.

pencils and toys for children
Credit: experthometips.com

51. Pop champagne before the ceremony!

drinking champagne with bridesmaids
Credit: Clane Gessel Photography

52. Make an announcement with brightly colored shoes rather than conventional heels.

bride shoes different color than dress
Credit: ruffledblog.com

53. Add a pop of color on the tulle beneath your dress.

Credit: evermine.com

54. Instead of using real plates as place markers choose something that will bring a more unique look to your table. Use some palm leaves for a tropical vibe or antique tiles like the one shown in the picture for a romantic Italian villa inspired appearance.

Credit: carmensantorellistudio.com

55. While you’re at it, provide your ringbearer with a cape.

Credit: Holman Ranch – Meg Perotti Photography

56. For dessert, allow your guests to choose from a selection of cakes as opposed to simply one wedding ceremony cake being offered.

pink chocolates
Credit: marthastewartweddings.com

57. Hangover Recovery Kits. A very beneficial wedding favor – you’ll be desiring these the next day!

good hangover water
Credit: experthometips.com

58. Who wouldn’t love a wedding with a s’mores bar? It’s not expensive and perfect for the outside wedding ceremony.

Credit: pinterest

59. Leave some funny statistics or facts about yourselves on the tables.

5 things
Credit: etsy.com

60. If you’re having a rustic wedding, use hay bales as benches for your ceremony. They’re far less expensive than furniture and in keeping with the outdoorsy feel.

rural chairs on the meadow
Credit: pinterest

61. Make/buy an inscribed handkerchief for your flower lady that she will be able to save for when she gets married.

Credit: etsy.com

62. Incorporate your favored trends into your wedding outfit. A sucker for a cropped top? Check this dress out.

white boho white dress
Credit: thelane.com

63. Having a fall wedding ceremony? Grab some photos with your wedding party throwing leaves within the air.

Credit: swoonedmagazine.com

64. Hire a cool caricature artist for your reception.

caricature on the picture

65. Give your guests customized tote bags.

66. For some children, weddings may be a drag. Keep them entertained with a hands-on youngster’s station.

children's stand
Credit: theknot.com

67. Streamers: Have your guests toss rolls of streamers into the air to ship the happy couple off on their way. Yarn balls could be another cool version of this idea, you can get some amazing photos doing this!

Credit: theknot.com

68. Including your puppy for your wedding ceremony day? We can’t think of anything sweeter. Instead of putting a tie or bow on them provide them with their very ow flower crown to tie in with your décor and outfits.

dog and groom
Credit: chelseaseekell.com

69. You don’t need to stick with a conventional wedding ceremony dress and tux. Try something that fits in with your individual sense of style.

pretty bride and groom
Credit: pinterest

70. Have your guests take a polaroid photograph of themselves and update their name card with the picture!

guest photos on the blackboard
Credit: pinterest

71. Use objects you could find at a flea marketplace, like these fabulous wine barrels, to give your wedding a country and vintage vibe.

the barrels outside are doing as a wedding table
Credit: pinterest

72. Have your wedding at a farm and “alpaca” my bags to attend!

funny pictures of a bride and groom with a lama
Credit: Forever and Always Farm

73. Have a floral backdrop at your wedding ceremony.

flowers wall
Credit: 100layercake.com

74. As a marriage favor, have a dessert table with empty boxes where your visitors can pick some cakes to take home and enjoy.

Credit: marthastewartweddings.com

75. Let your passions shine through for your engagement pix. Both love art? Here’s the perfect idea.

paint colorful wall
Credit: exquisiteweddingsmagazine.com

76. Cap Guns: Bring your tale of romance into the wild, wild west by telling your guests to fire off cap guns after the rite. The ornamental tags add a bit of sophistication if you’re worried about being too childish!

Credit: theknot.com

77. Send out Save the Date postcards as a cheaper option to cards and envelopes. Another advantage of this option is that it is super cool!

wedding invites
Credit: minted.com

78. Give your visitors an overview of the way the night will play out by using innovative software and wedding templates.

rules for guests
Credit: pinterest

79. Dress your groomsmen up like superheroes.

groomsmen super hero
Credit: Taglyan Place – Armen Asadorian Photography

80. Take some innovative photograph booth pictures to place around your wedding or even on your Save the Date cards or invitations.

Credit: perpetuallyengaged.com

81. Stay well away from a monotonous visitor book. Create an e book together with your engagement snap shots and have your guests sign that.

guest book with colored ilustration
Credit: weddingphotography.com.ph

82. If your wedding will take place far away from the region where you grew up, provide tasting stations with delicacies from that locale. A few thoughts: clam chowder and lobster rolls for New Englanders, chili and tacos for Texans or oysters for New Orleaners.

mediterranean food
Credit: jenhuangblog.com

83. Having a summer time wedding? Let your guests cool off with a frozen yogurt bar and get innovative with toppings.

Credit: pinterest

84. Throw heart-shaped confetti made from the pages of your favorite e-book.

paper hearts
Credit: etsy.com

85. Since your bouquet won’t last forever, keep the dried petals in a Christmas ornament that you can use during the holidays.

dried flowers in a Christmas tree bauble
Credit: pinterest

86. Let your guests entertain themselves at a photo booth with fun props.

photo booth
Credit: briannavenzke.com

87. Instead of showing the menu on a standard printout get innovative and have it sprawled across plates or written out in calligraphy.

Credit: cluneyphoto.com

88. A wedding ceremony wheel with fun “prizes” for your guests to spin for.

random machine
Credit: foto-29.com

89. Have a dinner party where you treat your friends and ask them to be part of your bridal preparations and wedding ceremony.

brocade gold paper clips as good wedding ceremony ideas
Credit: theperfectpalette.com

90. Let your guests see where they will be sitting by using home-made watercolor playing cards.

colored card
Credit: pinterest

91. Add unexpected elements to your bouquet to make it unique to you. We love how feathers supplement a massive king protea in this arrangement!

amazing bride bouquet
Credit: laurenpeelephotography.com

92. If you’re not keen on pastel colors you can opt for a palette of gentle neutrals with greenery for your wedding.

ceremony decor
Credit: elegantweddinginvites.com

93. Wild Flowers: What’s a bohemian wedding ceremony without some wild flora? This couple wrapped their buds in paper cones made from sheet music. Love it!

creative div for wedding decoration
Credit: rocknrollbride.com

94. Play The Shoe Game at your reception. The bride and the groom are seated back to back and each hold one of their partner’s shoes and one of their own. Then, the maid-of-honor, best man, and other guests call out questions about the relationship such as “who does most of the cooking” or “who made the first move” etc. The bride and groom hold up the shoe of the person they think fits the answer!

competition game with shoes
Credit: Photo by J.R. Phillips Photography

95. Instead of sticking with simply colors for your wedding palette, opt for a pattern that you can weave through everything as a theme.

pattern in black dots good ideas for bride
Credit: onefabday.com

96. Provide coasters that help people keep their drinks whilst they are dancing.

green card

97. Create cool door tags for visitors who are travelling and staying overnight in the area.

Credit: etsy.com

98. During your bridal shower, have a perfume bar in which your visitors can create their very own fragrance to take home.

Credit: blog.hwtm.com

99. Pin something sentimental to your bouquet.

bouquet with decoration sentimental
Credit: etsy.com

100. Choreographed first dance. Surprise everyone with a dance crafted to you personalities and relationships.


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