Many ladies from around the world really like using mermaid wedding dresses on their big day. However, picking adorable mermaid dresses is never a walk in the park. There are several factors that one needs to consider which include but not limited to issues like the type of romantic lace and adorable necklines to name but a few. The type of material used in a wedding dress is, normally, another very important factor to consider when buying one. Below is are several attractive mermaid wedding dresses from the collection “essense of Australia” that you may need to consider in your shopping. Take a look!

#1a: An amazing halter strap wedding mermaid wedding dress. That’s certainly a beautiful one!

wedding mermaid wedding dress
#1b: The rear side with a beaded line running down to the tail

#1c: The photo of the same gorgeous wedding dress taken from a higher angle

#2a: A fancy laced & tulle wedding dress with a creatively done illusion neckline

wedding dress with a creatively done illusion neckline
#2b: The laces and beads seen from the backside make the wedding dress even more beautiful

#3a: What an attractive halter strapped mermaid bride dress! The hugging nature brings out the shape of the bride so well.

attractive halter strapped mermaid bride dress
#3b: What a couple! The open backside of the wedding dress also looking great!

#4a: An elegant A-line wedding dress with an off-shoulder wedding dress

elegant A-line
#4b: The amazing rear side showing the tail of the dress

#5a: Do you love a laced long-sleeved wedding dress? This is it!

laced long-sleeved wedding dress
#5b: The dressing still looking good from the rear side

#6a: Look at that strapped V-neck dress! It is beautiful and the laces on the upper part make it even more attractive.

strapped V-neck dress
#6b: The elegant satin material is just on point!

#7a: This is certainly a typical illusion A-line bridal dress

typical illusion A-line bridal dress
#7b: The open back allows the show of some skin!

#8a: A magnificent pure white strapped dress

magnificent pure white strapped dress
#8b: The bare-back with straps

#9a: A beautiful and well-dressed couple

beautiful and well-dressed couple
#9b: The cream wedding gown and the groom’s grey suits just matches so well

#10a: A well-laced cream empire wedding dress

cream empire wedding dress
#10b: The long tail makes the dress adorable

#11a: A white gorgeous sheath dress with tail

white gorgeous sheath dress
#11b: The laces at the back and the tail is just awesome

#12a: A creative designed strapped A-line dress

A-line dress
#12b: The straps at the back make the bride dress amazing to say the least!

#13a: A creatively done V-necked bridal dress with simple straps

V-necked bridal dress with simple straps
#13b: The tail advances the beautiful look of the dress from behind

#13c: What a shot!

#14a: Are you looking for a wedding dress with a spaghetti strap? This is it!

dress with a spaghetti strap
#14b: The back side of this beautiful sheath dress

#15a: A good mermaid-beaded dress

mermaid-beaded dress
#15b: The beads and lace & tulle add the touch of beauty

#16a: This is what we call a power couple! The long veil and flowers are just out of this world!

long veil and flowers
#16b: The lovely photo show off the backside of this nice gown

#17a: A pure A-line gown

A-line gown
#17b: Isn’t this great?

#18a: A laced sheath gown, the creative design is just amazing.

laced sheath gown
#18b: Want to show off some skin? This is the gown to use on your big day

#19a: A typical spaghetti strapped gown

typical spaghetti strapped gown
#19b: Isn’t it adorable the way this gown hugs the body of the bride?

#20a: This is a perfect gown for an outdoor wedding!

perfect gown for an outdoor wedding
#20b: look at the flower at the back!

#21a: This is a cute illusion A-line bride dress made of the satin material

cute illusion A-line bride dress
#21b: The blending of satin and laces makes the gown a great one


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#22a: Looking for a drop waist gown? Here you have it!

drop waist gown
#22b: a beautiful smiling bride

#23a: Awesome! Look at that gown!

off-shoulder gown
#23b: A pretty gown this is!

#24a: An A-line off-shoulder gown

good outdoor photoshoot
#24b: The combination of beads and laces is certainly a good one

#25a: A good outdoor photoshoot for a beautiful gown like this is just amazing

princess gown
#25b: The flowers match so well with the gown

#26a: A gorgeous princess gown with a long veil

#26b: A low shot angle gives a good view of the rear side

#27a: A gorgeous sweetheart gown bringing out the bride’s figure so beautifully

gorgeous sweetheart gown
#27b: This design never disappoints!

#28a: A lovely bride in an elegant V-necked gown

lovely bride
#28b: A lovely couple in outside wedding venue

#29a: An amazingly designed A-line gown with a sweetheart neckline

amazingly designed A-line gown
#29b: Great finishing even from behind


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#30a: The bride looks excited to be in this beautiful gown!

beautiful gown
#30b: I like it!

#31a: A show of awesome wedding photography, right?

awesome wedding photography
#31b: The beading line makes this gown stand out

#32a: The satin and laces are definitely a good combination

satin and laces


#33: One of the best gowns ever!



#34a: A great look this is

#34b: It is agreeable that the material of this gown is great

#35a: I like how this gown dress is hugging the body of the bride

hugging the body of the bride
#35b: Look at that laced tail!

#36a: A typical A-line designer gown

typical A-line designer gown
#36b: A good gown for a warm weather

#37a: A lovely pinkish bride dress

pinkish bride dress
#37b: what a gown!

#38a: This is what we call an empire wedding dress

empire wedding dress
#38b: the open back is a great idea for warm outdoor weather

#39a: A well-laced sheath gown

well-laced sheath gown
#39b: Beautiful even from the back


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#40a: There is no doubt that this is a good sweetheart gown

good sweetheart gown
#40b: I like the colour of this gown

#41a: A long sleeved gown with laces on the top side

long sleeved gown
#41b: The plain look on the lower side makes it even more adorable

#41c: Get the shot from a tilted high angle

#42a: A beautiful bride and a beautiful gown

beautiful bride
#42b: The open lower back makes the bride more comfortable

#43a: What a charming couple!

charming couple
#43b: This plain white dress with a long tail is just lovely

a charming couple
#44a: An empire gown with a sweetheart type of neckline

sweetheart type of neckline
#44b: The lace & tulle makes the gown amazing to say the least

#45a: A sweetheart mermaid bride dress

sweetheart mermaid bride dress
#45b: I Like!

#46a: The creatively done off-the-shoulder neckline makes this gown stand out

off-the-shoulder neckline
#46b: Simple but awesome!

#47: Talk of creativity at its best

#48: A pure white strapped dress

#49: An excellent mermaid gown with a sweetheart neckline

excellent mermaid gown

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#50: A white satin wedding gown

white satin wedding gown
#51a: This is what we call a typical illusion gown

illusion gown
#51b: I like how this gown is hugging the hips of this bride!

#52a: A magnificent V-neck gown that can be used even in cold weather

magnificent V-neck gown
#52b: See the open-back style?

#53: Not just is the gown amazing but the couple as well, right?

#54: A moment away from the traditional white wedding gowns. Break the monotony with this one.

traditional white wedding gowns
#55: A beautiful mermaid dress

beautiful mermaid dress
#56: Great photography!

#57a: A simple and distinct mermaid gown

distinct mermaid gown
#57b: The back side of it

#58: One word, beautiful!

#59: Look at that magnificent long tail!

magnificent long tail
#60: A couple posing for a photograph in their beautiful gown and tuxedo.

beautiful gown and tuxedo

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