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Outdoor weddings are becoming an incredibly popular and beautiful way for couples to tie the knot. Anything from barn scenes to rustic stone can be used as a backdrop and setting for a wedding. The ornate details of nature contrast wonderfully with the elegance and simplicity of more modern weddings,...
featured beauty wedding scenery outdoor
This is the third part of a series on outdoor weddings ideas. Be sure to check out the first two parts for even more amazing photographs of outdoor weddings and gorgeous gowns. When planning an outdoor wedding, keep your mind open to all possibilities. Even snow or windy weather can...
featured image beauty bride outdoor wedding photography
This is the second part of a series covering beautiful outdoor wedding venues and gown ideas. If you haven't seen the first part, don't forget to check it out or you'll be missing some amazing photographs and gowns. Creating a beautiful outdoor wedding can be as simple as taking the...
featured image castle wedding outdoor sessions
This is the fourth part of a series on outdoor wedding venue and photography ideas. Be sure to head over and check out the first three parts to get as many ideas and inspirations as you can. Many couples are now choosing to have their wedding outdoors or in a...
men kissing a woman on a boat
Maybe you have never taken your wedding photo-shooting seriously. If it is so, you should start planning for it with the seriousness it deserves. The photos are the things that will document your wedding together with the videos. The shots should be the ones that will not make you...
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